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Pay close attention to a college’s Retention Rate.

Why? Think about this: What can we infer about the general satisfaction of its student body if a college’s retention rate is 40%? Hint: More than half of the students are dissatisfied enough that they don’t return after freshman year. There can be many reasons for this, e.g. financial hardship, they don’t feel supported by faculty and staff, they aren’t being challenged, they don’t feel safe, etc. For whatever the reason, 6 out of 10 students aren’t returning and for any potential applicant this should be a huge red flag. Retention Rate is among the first data points that I tell my students to look at when they are researching colleges. Anything below 70% should warrant real pause.

College Admissions in the News

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Upcoming college fairs

Below are a couple of links showing the college fairs that are happening locally this spring. Lots of great opportunities to connect with regional admissions reps

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