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Scholarships and Awards: Sticker Price, Net Price, and the Financial Aid in Between

This workshop will provide case studies to illustrate the difference between a college's sticker price v. net price while defining and examining the various types of financial aid, i.e. unsubsidized loans, subsidized loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study. In addition, we will explore how to earn "free money" and how to interpret financial award letters. 

The College Application: Spotlight on Extracurricular Activities and Recommendation Letters

This workshop will explain how a student's extracurricular profile and recommendation letters can enhance their overall college applications. Through clear examples, we will examine the best ways to shine a spotlight on a student's extracurricular activities. In addition, participants will learn who is best to write their college recommendation letters, how and when to approach them, and how self-reflection forms can ensure the best possible letters are written.

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College Campus

This introductory workshop for middle and early high school students and their families will equip them with the basic concepts of the college admissions process. Topics covered include: preparing for college now, the SAT and ACT, basic college researching, the college application process, what colleges look for in an applicant, college majors, and a comprehensive college timeline for middle through graduation. 

College Bound: An Overview

During this workshop, participants learn to prioritize various criteria, e.g. size, location, school setting, course offerings, among others, that make a particular set of colleges a good fit. In addition, we will look at multiple online tools and resources for researching colleges and learn how certain factors at each college, such as selectivity, retention, and graduation rates, can guide a student's decision whether or not to apply to or attend that school.

Researching Colleges: A Guided Tour

College Friends
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