Leveraging College Financial Aid Packages

Topics Include:

  • Current update on Covid impact on college landscape

  • Will you qualify for financial aid and how to maximize aid eligibility?

  • What to do if you do not qualify for financial aid?

  • How to present assets on financial aid applications, e.g. home, 529c, retirement

  • Which colleges are the most generous?

  • How to leverage colleges against one another

  • Overview and timeline of the financial aid process

  • FAFSA and CSS Profile tips and timeline

  • Live Q & A 

October 5, 2020
7:00 pm

The SAT/ACT This Year and Beyond: Submitting Scores, Test Optional, and the New Testing Landscape

Topics include:

  • To submit or not to submit your SAT/ACT scores? Breaking down "Test Optional"

  • How a strong SAT/ACT score can strengthen your college applications

  • Test Optional does not mean Test Blind. Breaking down the nuances

  • Optimizing test scores for admissions

  • Testing timelines for high school students

October 20, 2020
8:00 pm

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