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COLLEGE STARTER provides individualized college counseling by honing in on each student's specific needs. Since we only work with a handful of individual students each application season, we are completely dedicated to helping each student put together complete, expertly-packaged college applications. Together with their counselor and essay expert, the student will work on and complete:


  • College research

  • A balanced college list

  • A college essay and supplemental essays

  • An extracurricular Activity Profile

  • Self-Reflection forms for recommendation letters

  • The college application(s), e.g. The Common Application

  • And more as designed by the counselor, students, and parent(s)

Essay Development

Your college essay is one of the most important aspects of your college application; your big chance to let your voice be heard. Whether you need help creating your core college essay or with supplemental responses for individual colleges, College Starter can help you craft a killer essay from start to finish.

College List Creation

The first thing we tell all of my students, especially the one sitting in front of me with a pained half-smile fixed on her face, is that they will get into college. Multiple colleges. Guaranteed.


College Starter helps students create a balanced list of 6-8 schools that fit both their wants and needs. By following a specific blueprint, students will have multiple colleges to choose from when the dust settles.

Extracurricular Activity Profile

Colleges are looking for unique, thoughtful, civic-minded, enthusiastic learners who can bring diverse personalities, thought-provoking ideas, advocacy, and a sense of empowerment to their campus. They are looking for you!


College Starter provides students with the tools necessary to build out a complete Extracurricular Activity Profile that will help shine a spotlight on their varied and exquisite talents.

College Library
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College Students

College Research

Finding colleges that suit both a student’s wants and needs can be challenging. With over 2000 four-year colleges in the country, narrowing down a college list can be difficult. Luckily, this is what College Starter experts do best! Using an array of tools and resources we empower and guide students to do efficient, targeted research that will help them find their right-fit colleges.

Recommendation Letters

A strong letter of recommendation can help your college applications considerably. With College Starter’s guidance, students will learn who and how to ask for recommendation letters and complete self-reflection forms that will ensure letters from teachers and counselors that highlight them as engaged, curious, and passionate learners and leaders.  

College Applications

Filling out college applications can be daunting and convoluted. Whether you are applying to college using the Common Application, the Coalition Application, SUNY or CUNY portal, or another one altogether, College Starter ensures that the process is seamless. If you need someone there every step of the way or just a final review of your applications, we make you feel safe and secure that your applications are perfectly polished before you submit them!

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