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Pre-College Summer Programs -- Free Resources

Summertime offers the ideal chance for students to engage in enrichment activities. Many colleges provide pre-college summer programs, inviting high school students to explore campuses, meet faculty, and more.


While some of these programs can be costly and may not necessarily enhance your college admission prospects, there are competitive programs where selection is based on merit. These programs are either free or low-cost and can significantly boost your college application.

See the below PDF for a list of nearly 150 selective pre-college summer programs, categorized by discipline and college/location. The list includes essential details such as tuition costs, deadlines, and links to program websites.


Free Pre College Programs
Download PDF • 268KB

For the full list of over 850 pre-college summer programs for high school students (grades 9-12), email me at This list, sorted similarly, encompasses various delivery formats—hybrid, in-person, online.

To be clear, participating in a pre-college summer program isn’t essential for gaining acceptance to selective colleges – there are alternative ways to enhance your extracurricular profile and college applications, such as working, interning, or taking online classes. However, these summer programs offer a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and gain experience in a field or major of interest while spending time on a college campus.

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