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I’ve been deferred, now what?

Getting deferred from one of your top-choice colleges can be deflating, but all is not lost, you are still very much in the game! Take these tips on how to attack your deferral:

1. Find out who your regional admissions rep is and send them an email. It’s a way to remind your admissions officer that you exist and that "X school” really is your first choice.

2. Don’t have sour grapes; be polite and positive

3. Short and sweet. For example:

“Good morning, Ms. ___________,

I was recently deferred at “X school” and while I am disappointed, I remain hopeful that I will ultimately be admitted as “X school” remains among my top choices. If you are interested in seeing any of my current grades or have any questions about what I have been up to this fall/winter, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.”

College Admissions in the News

Upcoming college fairs

Below are a couple of links showing the college fairs that are happening locally this spring. Lots of great opportunities to connect with regional admissions reps

How ‘Micro-Internships’ Could Make All Types of Students More Employable

Time and again when speaking with admissions reps they tell me that employers are looking for college graduates with work experience and strong soft skills. Gaining internship experiences in college is imperative as a jumpstart to your career. Love this micro-internship concept from Parker Dewey. Click here.

Test-optional Does Not Mean Test Blind

When colleges look at a student’s application, they are looking at grades first and foremost. After that, they will look at course rigor, SAT/ACT scores, the college essay, extracurricular activities, and recommendation letters. If a student decides not to submit SAT/ACT scores, the college will take a harder look at their cumulative grades.See more.

Popularity of Early Decision Continues to Grow

Early Decision application plans used to be a powerful tool for students to use as an early indicator of demonstrated interest and to lessen the stress of an elongated application season. To some degree, selective colleges have weaponized the application plan, essentially strong-arming students into applying ED if they want to have a realistic chance of getting accepted. Learn more here.

Hampshire College Potential Shutdown: A Shot at the Bow on "Middle Class" Private Colleges

Other lesser-known schools have been bought or folded into larger universities, e.g. Mt. Ida/UMass, Amherst, but Hampshire College potentially shutting down or merging with another institution is eye-opening. It’s a sign that the “middle class” private schools could be getting eaten up by the more selective schools and the state schools. Click here.

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