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Basic College Timeline: Spring 10th – Spring 12th

Spring Sophomore Year 1. Schedule a time to meet with your counselor. Although counselors are usually very busy working with senior and junior students, they are always happy to see that their future students are excited about college and already beginning to prepare

Spring Sophomore Year Cont. 1. Look into SAT/ACT prep 2. If you are thinking about taking them in the fall, get an idea of the resources/companies out there

The worst thing you can do over the summer is nothing at all 1. Summer is an opportunity to . . . 2. Earn money for college 3. Attend a summer program on a college campus – sometimes for free or at very low cost 4. Take an internship in a field you think you might be interested in pursuing as a career 5. Take classes at a local community college 6. Volunteer 7. Work on your passion

Junior Year - September-November 1. Create a preliminary college list. When choosing prospective colleges you should make sure that you match your needs and wants with the college’s offerings. It is also important to be realistic. Make sure that your numbers match or are near those required for admission, e.g. Fit and Match

Junior Year Cont. – December – March 1. Prep for SAT or ACT and be prepared to take at least one of them twice 2. Sign up for an SAT preparation course if you are able, use review books, and utilize free online resources like Kahn Academy and begin prepping

Junior Year Cont. – February – May 1. Research the colleges on your college list. Whittle the list down to approximately 12-15 schools. Remember to be realistic, but don’t be afraid to dream as well. You should have a good balance of “Reach”, “Match” and “Safer” schools on your list

Junior Year Cont. – February – June 1. Take the SAT or ACT up to two times

Junior Year Cont. – June – August 1. Work on your college essays. Use the Common Application prompts 2. Work on supplemental college essays 3. Visit colleges 4. Do virtual tours --

Junior Year Cont. – July – August 1. Have a productive summer. Remember, the worst thing that you can do is nothing at all

Senior Year – September – December 1. Submit college applications. It is important to get all applications in as early as possible to the extent that they are ready. Data will show that the earlier you apply it can help your chances of getting in as selectivity rates are slightly higher

Senior Year – October 1. Take an additional SAT or ACT if you need to

Senior Year Cont. – December – May 1. Decisions will come in from colleges 2. By May 1 decide where you are going to deposit. You should accept the offer of admission and provide a deposit to the school of your choice by May 1

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